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The Lake Pontchartrain Study Club

Dr. Thomas W. Mabry, Director

Mrs. Nancy E. Jones, Coordinator


The Lake Pontchartrain Study Club (LPSC) was established in 2002 as an affiliate of the Seattle Study Club, a national non-profit organization, with over 222 such affiliates throughout the world.  Our dental study club provides high quality programming designed to enhance professional growth and development for your periodontist, oral surgeon, endodontist, prosthodontist, and dentist.  Our unique forum combines didactic and clinical sessions in both small and large group settings.  We are dedicated to educational excellence and higher quality patient care for our members. 

Credit hours are certified by the Academy of General Dentistry, through the Lake Pontchartrain Study Club, a certified AGD C.E. provider.

2017- 2018 Schedule of Events

September 15, 2017     Dr. Brian Schroder               

October 12, 2017          Dr. Lisa Marie Pate

November 3, 2017        Dr. Dennis Abbott

January 12, 2018         Dr. Ariel Raigrodski

February 2, 2018         Dr. Lee Ann Brady

March 9, 2018             Robert Stutman and Judge Jodi Debbrecht Switalski       

April 12, 2018             Treatment Planning Session         

May 4, 2018                Dr. Kenneth Hargreaves

May 5, 2018               End of the Year Dinner   (Tentative Date)